Andrew Winghart: Emergence

If you aren’t a fan of Andrew Winghart yet, you are seriously missing out. The Los Angeles based choreographer is on the rise—his unique work gives the often tired contemporary choreography scene a breath of fresh air. Unlike any other contemporary choreography I have ever seen, Winghart’s work is the epitome of “visual music”. His ears are clearly detail oriented. Every movement in his choreography is fit perfectly to an exact sound in his music, resulting in the magical entwining of ears and eyes for an audience.

A lot of what makes Winghart’s choreography so spectacular to watch is simply his choice of music. Unlike many of today’s well known contemporary choreographers from the Los Angeles area—who generally tend to use more lyrical songs—Winghart picks highly dynamic songs, many of which are electronic or remixed. He’s even used some Kanye before.

The interesting thing about these songs is that, while they may be reasonable choices for a hip hop combination, they are a real risk for a contemporary choreographer—the sounds are almost always layered and complex. Wingharts choreography is in fact reminiscent of hip hop, with its grounded movements and sharp accents.

You should all check out his latest work, “Emergence”, which has been split into five separate videos, all of which are posted below. This particular work is striking, especially with the nude costumes that strip the work down to the structure of movement and music. The precision of the dancers is also astonishing. Every single dancer nails the timing, and there are some expressive standouts (go look up Sammi Farber and Eric Schloesser). This is some of Winghart’s more subtle, softer work, but it is just as captivating as his more aggressive movement—a testament to his range.

One of Wingharts strengths is filming his work in a clean and clear manner, always with a beautiful filming space. You should check out more from his YouTube channel!